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Sex & The 6ix is our new weekly Sunday dating column in collaboration with dating expert and matchmaker, Shannon Tebb. Every week we set two people up and send them off for dinner at one of Toronto's hot spots - on us!


Shannon Tebb, entrepreneur and creator of Shanny in the City, has worked as a Matchmaker and Dating Consultant since 2010. She has been featured on various radio shows, and offered her expert opinion for articles in the Huffington Post, The Star, Metro, Eligible TV, Oh So Cosmo, KISS 92.5, CBC Radio, and was the spokesperson for

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Fill out this questionnaire and we will set you up with a potential perfect match! With Shanny’s expertise, we hope we can help you find love in the 6ix – or at least enjoy a nice meal. After the date we ask for a quick feedback session to gain insight as to how the date went and encourage you to keep putting yourself out there!

Please note it could take a couple of months to find a match - but if you're impatient just email us at and we'll update you on our findings.